4 Best Hairstyles of Wigs for Women in Summer

A change of season to summer could mean sometimes a change of look. Summer is hot, and this could make you want to have a new cool look.

To achieve this cool look during summer you may wear wigs that are applicable during this season. Here are some of the best hairstyles of wigs for women in summer in the market these days.


Top 4 Hairstyles of Wigs During Summer

1.  Pixie Cut Hairstyle

One of the handsome and cool types of wigs that is ideal for summer is the pixie cut hairstyle. This hairstyle features short hair on the back and sides of the head. And it comes with long bangs in front and quite long hair on the top. It looks sophisticated too.

The pixie cut is easy to maintain and wigs with such a hairstyle could be worn for daily use. Celebrity like Anne Hathaway sported this pixie cut wig below in a special occasion in summer. The wig looks very stylish and has that natural looking hair.

Image Resources: headcovers.com/evan-by-jon-renau-wigs-lace-front-wig/

2.  Bob Hairstyle

Refreshed yourself from hot summer with a bob hairstyle wig. It is about 10 to 12 inches and comes in various cuts such as the level or below the ears or above the shoulders. A bob cut hairstyle features the hair that is cut straight at jaw-level. Usually, it comes with bangs at the front. One stylish bob hairstyle features layered ends just like the wig below by Ellen Wille.

Image Resources: headcovers.com/change-by-ellen-willie-wigs-monofilament/


3.    Braided Hairstyle

If you want to have a twist and more natural in your look during summer, try the braided style, which is not only stylish but could also protect your hair. You may opt for long straight hair wig and braid it. And just locate it on side of your head just like the one below. To make it more elegant paired it with a delicate braided headband that would create a sparkle in your look. This will instantly enhance your look in the summer.

Image Resources: headcovers.com/jeweled-braidband-hairpiece-by-revlon-wigs/


4.    Wrap-around Ponytail Hairstyle

Have that smart look in the summer with the wrap-around ponytail hairstyle, in which the hair is pulled until you have reached the base of the ponytail that is sometimes at the top of the head just like the ponytail extensions below by Ellen Wille. Then, wrap a hair on the area where it meets the pony and your hair. A stylish hairstyle indeed during summer.

Image Resources: wigs.com/collections/wrap-around-ponytails/products/wine-ponytail-ellen-wille


Guest author by Gary Song, the founder of wigsmaster is keen to provide some useful tips and guide about wigs, hair extensions, and hairpieces.

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