Goldmoral and how to choose your perfect shoes

Discounts are preferred by almost everyone. I think if I find a product that makes at least a small discount, I feel much more attracted and as if she urges me to buy it. My husband dresses more elegant because of the job they are doing and for this reason they are looking for ideal shoes that have to meet a few criteria before buying them. Obviously, the aesthetic aspect is important only because it has to fulfill many more conditions to be worn out for a whole day. On Goldmoral we found some models that could benefit and which I put my eyes on.

The importance of a shoe design

I think everybody puts an emphasis on the aesthetic aspect. We can not wear anything anytime or do anything wrong. First, the chosen model must satisfy us. Let’s be nice and fit with the outfits we adopt day by day. I dared to put this detail first, because, as in life, this is the most important thing.

The comfort of my shoes would dare to put him in second place

We can appeal to a pair of slightly uncomfortable shoes in the short term. If we have a little party or something, and it’s not even the best choice then. You can choose with some serious problems in the legs that can affect you in time. It would be best to turn to a pair of handmade elevator shoes specially made for legs with problems that are designed to protect your feet without creating discomfort while wearing them.

When you have to wear a pair of shoes for 8 hours, as long as you have to go to work, all you want is to focus on other issues and not to keep your mind under the pains of your feet. If you look at this problem a little, you will definitely give me justice.

The price is also very important

I have not reached the level at which I do not care about the price and offer as much as a pair of shoes. This is precisely why I pay attention to this detail. I admit that Balck Friday usually make a generous stock of these products and that some products even have very low prices. The problem comes when the budget is limited and the choices made easily exceed the choices made. Even so, there are solutions to such problems.

I usually buy shoes for every season. This way, during the year, they rarely make new acquisitions. Perhaps only if I feel extremely attracted to a pair of shoes or I find some other discounts thousands take. That does not mean I do not buy at full price. If I meet the first 2 conditions, the price drops me.

You on what criteria will you choose your shoes?

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  1. F frumoși pantofii și sfaturile bune. In alta ordine de idei, un siteminunat ..prin produsele sale, try rizzoli, f f mișto și în afara reducerilor lor.dese…pana la Sf de an dacă adaugi Miruna sau Andreea ai 10% red in plus.Ii laud căci îmi plac maxim.

  2. Atunci cand cumpar o pereche de pantofi ma uit prima data la felul in care arata, la micile detalii ca: cusaturi, model, talpa si abia dupa ii incalt si daca sunt si confortabili atunci ii iau, daca nu , nu, oricat de frumosi ar fi.

  3. I choose my shoes based on all the things you mentioned. I too dont care about the price if they „speak” to me. But I wont go as far as paying one month salary for just one pair of shoes.

  4. trebuie sa ii arat sotului, e tare pretentios la patofi dar poate ii place si isi alege ceva numai bine scap si anul acesta de alergat dupa cadouri de Craciun

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