What happens in the last trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life. The first months of pregnancy do not make major changes in our lives, but the last trimester of pregnancy gives us plans over our head. The last weeks the little one spends in the mother’s belly are the heaviest. The last trimester starts with the 28th week of pregnancy and lasts until the world is brought to the young, somewhere around 38-39 weeks. Here are the challenges you will be facing during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Your sleep is suffering

Because in the last period of pregnancy your abdomen becomes more prominent, you will not be able to sit comfortably, and you will not be able to sleep as before. In order to feel the best and to enjoy a few hours of sleep, you can use some things that will help you get a better position in bed. It is good to check the room temperature and help with the specially designed cushions for pregnant women. Quiet sleep can be affected by the appearance of snoring. Because you get more weight, your breathing paths will be clogged and you can face snoring. In such situations, you can ask for help from a specialist.

Go to the toilet more often

The baby grows more and relies on the bladder, which sends you more often to the toilet. In order to be able to have uninterrupted sleep at night, it is advisable to consume more fluids in the first part of the day, and in the second part to reduce water consumption. If you wake up overnight, try to avoid lighting the light and return quickly to bed to return to sleepy night’s sleep. Many of this information was found by visited Check Pregnancy.

You feel the need to feed yourself more often

In the third trimester of pregnancy the baby takes the most weight. In the 33rd week of pregnancy, the baby has just under 2000 grams and about 40-45 centimeters. Because he is dependent on your mother’s food, you will feel the need to feed yourself more often. In order not to take too much weight you can enjoy a lot of snacks, but in smaller quantities. The baby gets a new look at the 33rd week of pregnancy. The “wrinkled” skin disappears and the little one grows, and as the fat builds up, its skin spreads and the bones harden. During this time you should not lack your vitamins, proteins and calcium in your diet.

Don’t be panic

The pregnant month may be slightly different from what you have lived up to now. Starting with the 33rd week of pregnancy, your body begins to prepare more and more for the little one to come into the world. You will get tired faster, you will go harder and you will have difficulty doing your everyday activities. It is thought that from the 33th week of pregnancy the child can come to the world at any time. At this time the little one turns his head down. From this time you must have your ready-made birthday bag. All you have to do is consult your doctor and pay more attention to each activity of the fetus.
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