Make Your Ponytail Extension Last Longer Than It Should

If you’re a hair extensions user, it is important to learn ways on how to take proper care of these hair accessories. Hair extensions are not cheap and with a limited budget, one way to ensure you can wear them longer is to follow these hair extension maintenance tips.

You should provide a high level of attention when taking care of clip-in ponytail hair extensions. You may be the type who uses clip-in ponytails daily or on special occasions. One important thing to remember is that they have the same quality as full head hair extensions, and thus should be given utmost care too.

With care, ponytail clip in extensions should last for a year or even longer. Frequency and styling are factors that determine the lifespan of your ponytail hair extensions. Typically, a ponytail extension should retain its shine and strength for two years or more.

Ponytail extensions should not be washed as often or after every use. When you wash them, use as little shampoo as possible. If you use too much shampoo on your ponytails, they will dry at a faster rate.

As clip in ponytail extensions do not have natural hydration sources, it is imperative that you provide it with optimum moisture. Keeping the moisture locked in for longer intervals can be achieved by storing your clip-ins inside their original boxes. Store the boxes in clean and dry places at all times.

Proper storage is imperative if you want to keep those ponytail extensions tangle and damage-free! Before storing hair extensions in boxes, make sure to brush them carefully from bottom to top. Use your hands instead of a brush when untangling knots. Always use a light hand when brushing ponytail hair extensions to reduce breakage and damage. Get low price from Hair Distributors here

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